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Gold price rising…..The Perfect Storm?

As gold hits a 5 month high (at time of writing) Investment commentators worldwide are all agreeing on one thing: it appears that the ‘perfect storm’ is on the horizon for this safe-haven asset.


Most investors will know, historically the price of gold rises in times of Political and Economic unease. With Geo-political tensions currently rising throughout the world due to tensions between the U.S., North Korea, and Russia, investors seem to be running to the safe-haven asset of gold.


Let’s not forget the element of Brexit, also in-motion but with no clear roadmap as to how that will pan out yet.  In France, Le Pen and the upcoming elections there, will further shake up the economic landscape depending on that outcome.


This uncertainty is supporting physical demand for gold, with holdings in SPDR Gold Shares, the largest exchange-traded fund backed by gold, rising 4.2 metric tons to 842.4 tons as of Tuesday. That’s the highest in more than a month.


The simple fact is in times of turmoil gold tends to go upwards in price. The past has shown that gold is a great hedge, when stocks & shares markets are falling your gold should then be performing well…this is the very essence of a good financial hedge.


When it comes to precious metals though, the most regular advice is to buy and own PHYSICAL metals.  With what appears to be ‘the perfect storm’ forming for the price of gold to increase, the Bulls are on the prowl and smart investors are following suit putting their money on gold.


As J.P. Morgan once said – “Money is gold, and nothing else.”


Nigel Doolin

Head of Trading

Merrion Gold.


For further information on Merrion Gold call: +353 (0)1 254 7900 or go to:  

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    Financial benefits to renting a safe deposit box

    Although the security advantages to renting your own safe deposit box are plain to see, people often do not realise the many financial benefits to keeping your valuables in a safe deposit box.


    The first financial advantage that should be explored when you rent a box is on your home insurance.  If you have ‘specified items’ on your home insurance, such as expensive jewellery items, you should investigate the option of keeping these items in your safe deposit box and therefore removing them from your ‘specified items’ on your home insurance.  In a lot of cases this will reduce your home insurance by more than the cost of the safe deposit box.  But what about insurance cover when the items are being worn?


    There are insurance companies who will provide you with a ‘wear-only’ policy for items of jewellery – usually a small fraction of the cost of keeping items on a home insurance ‘specified items’ policy.  Even after taking a standalone ‘wear-only’ policy, and renting a safe deposit box to keep the jewellery in, the savings usually amount to more than the cost of renting the safe deposit box.


    Another money-saving feature is the fact that any paperwork you keep in your box will be safe and secure – this negates the need to ever pay to have documents replaced or re-issued.  Paperwork like Title-deeds can be very expensive to replace if lot or stolen, oftentimes costing thousands of Euro (and a lot of ‘red-tape’) to replace.  Car registration documents, Birth-certs, passports, Life insurance/assurance policies,  these can all be costly and time-consuming to replace.  Once you have your own safe deposit box, and keep your important documents there, you can be sure that any important paperwork you need is in one place – your safe deposit box.


    In renting a safe deposit box you are not only giving yourself ‘peace of mind’, with the knowledge that important and irreplaceable items are safe and secure – But with a little bit of knowledge and by making some phonecalls you can easily save yourself money and hassle down-the-line.


    Call us today to find out more on: (01) 254 7900 or email us at: [email protected]


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      Save Money on Your Home Insurance by renting a safe deposit box

      Renting your own safe deposit box gives you many things; It gives you security, privacy, and peace of mind. But did you also realize that having your own safe deposit box could save you money on your home and house insurance?


      Oftentimes if you have specified items, such as jewelry, on your home insurance you can save money by keeping these items in your safe deposit box and removing them as specified items on your home contents insurance. This will lower your insurance premium and, in most cases, lower it by more than the cost of renting the safe deposit box.


      House alarms and home safes will only give you so much security at home as, unfortunately the only way to keep your valuables completely safe nowadays is out of your home and in your own safe deposit box.


      Travelling with valuables is again another risky thing to do and most times your valuables will not be covered on travel insurance if they are above a certain value. The simple and quick solution here is again to rent a safe deposit box and keep your most valued possessions in the box while you travel, giving you more security whilst on holiday and travelling.


      With 7-day access Merrion Vaults negate the need for you to keep valuable jewelry at home, giving you the freedom to keep your jewelry safe and collect it to wear any day of the week.


      For further details, or if you have any queries on the advantages to having your own safe deposit box call our team on: (01) 254 7900 and we will be happy to assist you.

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        How Secure are your Valuables at Home?

        I have decided to write this blog following a significant increase in demand for our Safe Deposit Box service since the beginning of 2015.

        At Merrion Vaults, we are constantly meeting clients who have been a victim of a burglary or they know someone who has recently become a victim.

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          How a Safe Deposit Box can Protect your Wealth from a Run on the Banks

          Bank runsIn recent days there has been a run on two of Bulgaria’s largest Banks, Corporate Commercial Bank and First Investment Bank.

          Run on banks is nothing new, although they are relatively infrequent. My blog today is to give you a brief history of this phenomenon and to offer some advice on how to protect some of your wealth against these events.

          Firstly, what is a “Run on the Bank“?

          A “Run on the Bank” generally occurs in a banking system when a very large number of its customers withdraw their deposits at the same time and either demand cash or a transfer of those funds into government bonds, metals, other more tangible assets, or a safer bank because they believe that the financial institution will become insolvent.

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