Renting your own safe deposit box gives you many things; It gives you security, privacy, and peace of mind. But did you also realize that having your own safe deposit box could save you money on your home and house insurance?


Oftentimes if you have specified items, such as jewelry, on your home insurance you can save money by keeping these items in your safe deposit box and removing them as specified items on your home contents insurance. This will lower your insurance premium and, in most cases, lower it by more than the cost of renting the safe deposit box.


House alarms and home safes will only give you so much security at home as, unfortunately the only way to keep your valuables completely safe nowadays is out of your home and in your own safe deposit box.


Travelling with valuables is again another risky thing to do and most times your valuables will not be covered on travel insurance if they are above a certain value. The simple and quick solution here is again to rent a safe deposit box and keep your most valued possessions in the box while you travel, giving you more security whilst on holiday and travelling.


With 7-day access Merrion Vaults negate the need for you to keep valuable jewelry at home, giving you the freedom to keep your jewelry safe and collect it to wear any day of the week.


For further details, or if you have any queries on the advantages to having your own safe deposit box call our team on: (01) 254 7900 and we will be happy to assist you.