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Winter Security Tips from Merrion Vaults.

With the evenings getting darker earlier coming into winter, historically home burglaries and break-ins rise in numbers.There are some simple steps we can all take to deter the burglar and make life difficult for them.

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    Merrion Vaults – Ireland’s No. 1 Safe Deposit Box facility – are delighted to announce Rugby pundit and TV presenter Brent Pope as their Brand Ambassador.

    Brent, who features in Merrion Vaults latest advertising campaign, both in Print and on Radio, was “the perfect choice for the Brand” says Nigel Doolin – Communications Director for Merrion Vaults.

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      Do I need a Safe Deposit Box?

      Safety deposit boxes in Merrion VaultsWhen I meet people and inform them that I am involved in the Safe Deposit Box business, I usually encounter responses such as “What requirement would I have for a Safe Deposit Box” or  ” I have nothing of value to store in a Safe Deposit Box” or “I have a house alarm and a Safe at home”.

      If you ask yourself the following questions it may help you in your decision process:

      Have there been burglaries in your area in recent times? Have you items at home that are irreplaceable in the event of a home fire? Are you away from your home for extended periods due to work or holidays? Is your home contents insurance premium significant as a result various specified items on the policy? Have you cleared your mortgage and hold the title deeds? Are you worried about Irish Banks and if there was a Cypriot style bailout? Are you a business owner who stores large amounts of cash at home?

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