With the evenings getting darker earlier coming into winter, historically home burglaries and break-ins rise in numbers.There are some simple steps we can all take to deter the burglar and make life difficult for them.


It is worth pointing out at this stage that burglars will always go for the ‘easy option’ – if your home is fitted with a home alarm and the house beside it does not have an alarm, chances are they will move on from your house and attempt the one with no alarm. Therefore any additional security you can place on your home is always worthwhile. Deterrence is your best option.


Some of these tips may seem like common sense – and indeed they are – but remember that a large number of break-ins occur on that ‘one’ time that you have not put the alarm on or chubb-locked the door. The idea is to practice all of these security measures all of the time.


  • Secure ALL windows and doors ALL of the time. Even if you are simply nipping down to the local shops for 5-10 minutes make sure to lock all windows and deadbolt doors.
  • Light up your home well and use timer switches to turn lights on and off when you are not home.
  • Store all keys safely – house and car – away from letterboxes, windows and out of any ‘line of sight’ from anyone looking in windows.
  • Record details of your valuables and store anything irreplaceable or very valuable, out of your home in a safe deposit box.
  • Use your alarm even when at home.
  • Don’t advertise any trips or holidays on social networking sites.
  • Do not attempt to hide spare keys on the outside of your house – better to give them to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member.
  • Use outdoor motion-sensor lights where you can – burglars obviously do not like to be seen and will avoid well lit homes and areas.
  • Advise your local police station of any suspicious activity or strangers in your area – it only takes a phonecall – and if there is a patrol car in your area, or available, they will always try to make a drive past your area therefore deterring any would-be burglars.
  • Do not leave any expensive technology (or other) large empty packaging outside your house for bin collection without breaking it down – this will only advertise that you have recently added expensive items into your home.


Remember this winter to: Keep secure – Keep safe – Keep alert.



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